As always, privileged to provide you the next update following our most recent team meeting including other developments:

* Lethean Telegram promotion — 300LTHN giveaway continues!!
Why not jump on the channel and ask our team for some free coin!
We believe increased adoption starts with trust in a products capabilities and…

Dear Lethean Community,

It is with much anticipation and excitement I reach out to you. Over the past few quiet months the Lethean project has been evolving and re-forming a new, eager, motivated, and capable bunch of members. …


The leadership team has had a few conversations about how we, as a team, move forward from where we currently stand today. Our decision, which was difficult to make, has been to depart from Lethean. While we are extremely heavy-hearted about this decision, we also know that it is…

In the past week, Lethean was contacted via Telegram by a gentleman named Chris Keren. Chris Keren requested a phone call with the founder(s) or leadership to discuss investing in Lethean. Great!

Mr. Keren wanted to hear about Lethean — what is its mission, how does it work, and where…


Lethean combines Blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution.

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