We have collaboratively been working through what should go into the Lethean roadmap and how we broadcast activity.
The Lethean official website is now updated with the most current roadmap: https://lethean.io/roadmap
At this stage only completed and actively worked on items are disclosed.

Our most recent roadmap updates have been focusing on:

- Giving Lethean a new look with a fresh new website!
- Making it simpler to stand-up a node, a lot simpler.
- Promoting Lethean — In doing so, we attract attention and gain momentum with increased community involvement.
- More exchange listings and maintaining these relationships.


As always, privileged to provide you the next update following our most recent team meeting including other developments:

* Lethean Telegram promotion — 300LTHN giveaway continues!!
Why not jump on the channel and ask our team for some free coin!
We believe increased adoption starts with trust in a products capabilities and promises. That’s why we’re giving away free coin to test drive our service, our product will speak for itself. In turn we can make our product even better.

* Lethean community activity increased by over 15% in the last couple of weeks.

* Growing team contributors. A very…

Dear Lethean Community,

It is with much anticipation and excitement I reach out to you. Over the past few quiet months the Lethean project has been evolving and re-forming a new, eager, motivated, and capable bunch of members. It has been at least 6 months since any real life has echoed from the Lethean project via any form of communication at a mass scale.

I’d like to proudly acknowledge that the Lethean project is moving forward. …


The leadership team has had a few conversations about how we, as a team, move forward from where we currently stand today. Our decision, which was difficult to make, has been to depart from Lethean. While we are extremely heavy-hearted about this decision, we also know that it is best for the project. Even with the team as we currently know it is departing, our goal is to ensure that Lethean, the project that we have worked so very hard on these past few years, continues even in our absence. …

We would like to begin this update with a thank you to all of our followers that have allowed us to take some time to spend with our friends and family over the holidays. We appreciate your understanding and your continued support.

Development updates

As of the time writing this, nothing substantial has been accomplished over the past few months with regard to the continued development. In our previous survey, we gathered information on others that may be willing to assist us in the development of the project, and we will be reaching out to them in the coming month to gather…

In the past week, Lethean was contacted via Telegram by a gentleman named Chris Keren. Chris Keren requested a phone call with the founder(s) or leadership to discuss investing in Lethean. Great!

Mr. Keren wanted to hear about Lethean — what is its mission, how does it work, and where is the project going. We filled him in on all of this information and sent him our investment pitch deck. We also informed him that any ‘investment’ in Lethean would need to be funnelled properly through our non-profit company via standard bank wire (this detail is important).

We learned a…

Welcome, all to December. With the year coming to a close and the holidays right around the corner, we expect a moderate slow in development and a lighter workload overall for this upcoming month. That being said, we want to give you all some insight into what has occurred in the past month, and what our plans are for December.

Payment Gateway

While we anticipated the payment gateway project finalization by this update, we are still working with CoinGate on our business account setup. Over the past two months, we have been working closely with CoinGate to finalize our application. The reason…

Payment Gateway

We mentioned in our last update that we were working on a payment gateway that would allow users to purchase Lethean directly from our website. We are still in the process of finalizing this implementation. We had a minor setback with the gateway that we were using to make this option available for our users, but as of the time writing this, we are well on our way to finalize everything. Once finished, the website will allow users to make purchases for days, weeks, and months of VPN use with Lethean. …

Development updates

Easy VPN development notes

During September, our development team has worked on the Easy VPN. We had a few minor setbacks that have caused the development of the Easy VPN. During the process of integrating the Easy VPN into the wallet. Our development team has informed us that we should, if all goes well, have the Easy VPN ready for internal testing within the next few weeks. Once we have finalized internal testing, we will release the Easy VPN for use.

Payment Gateway

In other development-related news, our development team, in conjunction with a community member, Denis, have established a way to provide new and existing…

Good day to you all! As we begin the month of September, we would like to take some time to look back on the accomplishments that we have had over the past two years. If you are not aware, our bitcoin talk announcement went live on August 15, 2017. At that time, we had the name IntenseCoin. We have had many changes over the past two years, our name included, so we would like to take some time to look at the changes that we have had, while also giving you the details of what we have done during August.

Looking back at our past accomplishments:


Lethean combines Blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution. https://lethean.io/

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